Cosmic Meaning of the Nahuales



The meaning of the 20 nahuales varies from one source to another. These are the meanings agreed upon by many Mayan sources in Guatemala today. The significance of the day signs is explored fully in The Mayan Calendar Users Guide.

Nahual (another word for nawal) names are provided in English, Ki'che' and Yucatec. The English translations vary from some Western scholars' names, particularly Seed, which some call Rabbit, and Net, which others refer to as Lizard.

The Glyphs and English-language Names

Most Web sites and books use the Yucatecan name, even though Mayan astrology and the Sacred Calendar are in little use today. The above table can be used to translate them into the language of the Ki'che' Maya in Guatemala, where the calendar and astrology are practiced by many Maya today.


Nahuales Names in English, Ki'che' and Yucatecan

English Ki'che' Yucatecan
Crocodile Imox Imix
Wind Iq’ Ik
Night Aq’ab’al Akbal
Net K’at Kan
Snake Kan Chicchan
Death Kame Cimi
Deer Kej' Manik
Seed Q’anil Lamat
Water Toj Muluc
Dog T'zi Oc
Monkey B’atz Chuen
Road E Eb
Corn Aj Ben
Jaguar Ix Ix
Eagle Tz’ikin Men
Vulture Ajmaq Cib
Earth No'j Caban
Knife Tijax Etznab
Storm Kawoq Cauac
Sun Ajpu Ahau

glyphs mayan calendar english names

Click the illustration above to see a larger image so you can correlate the glyphs with the English-language names.


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