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13 Crocodile (Imox or Imix): Meaning of the Mayan Nahual



Crocodile's core meanings are turbulence, instability, nourishment and raw creative power. It can be a good time to establish a new foundation, keeping in mind the potential for instability and unexpected setbacks. Watch our for deception and manipulation on Crocodile days.





Meaning of the Number

The coefficient 13 is the most powerful of all the numbers. The "wave" of the 13-day trecena is crashing on the beach. This gives this nahual such intensity, that you must avoid allowing things to get out of control.



The Ki'che' Maya of Momostenango say a person with this number has strong psychic powers that should be developed. This suggests that all 13 days have a link with psychic powers and may be a time when you receive messages from beyond, especially on 13 Storm. out of control if you don't keep both hands of the steering wheel of life.

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