The New Year Bearers of 2013

The Haab, or Mayan solar calendar of 365 days, . Each solar year is brought in by one of four signs from the 260-day Sacred Calendar, or tzolkin. These Year Bearers greatly influence societe and world events, and can influence people of the same sign.

Currently, the Year Bearers are Earth, Wind, Deer and Road. It is well known that the Maya changed Year Bearers, but when and why has been a mystery. Until the publication of a book by three Mayan scholars in Guatemala, NAME OF BOOK, which reveals the secret to this puzzle and also explains how the Maya adjusted their 365-day calendar for what we call leap day.

Furthermore, they announced that on March 6, 2013, a new set of Year Bearers—Eagle, Snake, Sun and Dog—will assume the throne. They say the ancient Maya brought in a new set of Year Bearers every 52 years, also known as a Calendar Round.



The Year Bearer of 2013 is 1 Eagle (Tzikin/Men). It means flying high to new levels, both materially and spiritually, the vision that accompanies such heights, and ambition or agression.

World events and society are affected by the Year Bearer. Eagle, as Year Bearer, means world leaders must rise to face global challenges, and do so actively, not passively.

People as well as society can be influenced by the Year Bearer, especially those with the Mayan day sign of Crocodile (Imox/Imix).

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