The Mayan Nahual of Obama's Acceptance Speech: Why He Got a Bounce after his Speech

Though Obama gave his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention on the Mayan day sign of 2 Jaguar (Ix), he did so in the evening. This means energy of the the next day's nahual, 3 Eagle (Tzi'kin) was increasing while that of Jaguar was weakening.

romney's acceptance specWhat does this mean for the effect of his speech on the campaign?

Jaguar means feminine strength, warrior and fighter. Jaguars attack from the shadows, so Obama’s campaign could fight dirty (especially with a VP like Biden, whose nawal is Crocodile!).

But the energy of Eagle has an even stronger effect than Jaguar. Eagle means to fly high, indicating a good time for advancement on the material plane, though this can also occur on the spiritual level. Ambitious acts are favored. A Mayan saying is that, “The eagle sees its prey, cries out and gets it.”

It is also a lucky day that is good for business. Eagle is sign of leadership: George Patton and John F. Kennedy were  Eagles. So is Lady Gaga. Incongruous, eh?

One obvious interpretation is that the Democrats chose an appropriate and effective day in the Mayan Sacred Calendar for Obama to make the “big speech.” I made this prediction the day before Obama's bounce materialized, but did not get to post it at the local Internet cafe due to power outages in the Guatemalan highlands town where I live.

The important thing about this prediction is that it not only validates Mayan astrology, but also shows that composite charts can be applied to political astrology as well as to relationships between people.

Composite Chart for Obama and the Acceptance Speech at the Convention

Obama's Mayan day sign, 9 Corn, combines with 3 Eagle to make 12 Seed. The cosmic meaning of seed is to literally plant a seed, which he did for the campaign with his big speech. It set the tone and character for the unfolding campaign.

Mayan Day Sign of Romney and his Acceptance Speech

I provide a similar interpretation for the night of the Romney acceptance speech on my blog in the category at Political Astrology. By comparing day signs and composite charts of each candidate, I concluded that Obama's speech was more likely to produce a bounce in the polls.


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