Mayan Astrology Prediction: Obama to Win 2012 USA Presidential Election

Obama will defeat Romney in the Presidential election, according to my latest political prediction based on authentic Mayan astrology and the Mayan Sacred Calendar.

My prediction is based on 13 factors. For each test, Obama or Romney received one point for having the edge. Obama got nine points, Romney two.

Easy call.

The Nahuales of Obama and Romney

The first and most important test was a comparison of their Mayan day signs. Romney is 2 Jaguar, Obama is 9 Corn. In a political context, Jaguar's key meaning of warrior applies to Romney. Jaguars are tenacious, won't back down, and they attack from the shadows—which means he will fight dirty.

Jaguar is among the most powerful of the 20 nahuales. Corn mean authority and surging energy (bringing to mind how Obama rose to the top of the political food chain almost overnight in 2008. For the Maya, the corn stalk is the staff of authority. This is a close call, so look at coefficients is in order.

Romney's low coefficient of 2 reduces the strength of Jaguar when confronting Obama's 9 Corn. The 9 overpowers Romney's 2, meaning he is a stronger Corn person than Romney is a Jaguar. And 9 also means the Feminine Divine to some Maya, which means he should attract women to vote for him.

This basic comparison of their Mayan day signs is the first and most important indication that Obama will win.

Composite Charts for Both Tickets

A little-known Mayan astrological technique called composite charts is used to combine the day signs of two or more people to do relationship readings. I used this method in several ways to further test my prediction.

One was by comparing Obama and Biden's composite day sign, 12 Jaguar, with that of Romney and Ryan, 4 Deer. Because the jaguar hunts the deer, and the Democrats' coefficient is 12, the application of composite chart techniques to political astrology once again picks Obama to win.

More Factors in Predicting the Election

I did composites of each candidate and the nahual of November 6, election day, which is 11 Eagle; of each party's ticket and 11 Eagle; of Romney and the day his acceptance speech; and of Obama and the night of his big speech at the convention. By now I was convinced.

But the most extraordinary thing I learned about Obama is that he has the same Mayan day sign as the USA, which a 9 Corn. This makes it even more likely that he will win, as their destinies are irretrievably intertwined.

Path of the Plumed Serpent

The final factor involves a 28-day ritual called the Path of the Plumed Serpent, which occurs every 260 days. It can bring a burst of energy to a person, especially on date of their Mayan day sign, which is the central day sign of the ceremony. Obama's next Mayan "birthday" falls on November 4, 2012—two days before the election.

In January I correctly predicted that Obama would get "...a surge in the polls for the 2012 Presidential election." in February. This was because he was in his Path of the Plumed Serpent in the last part of January. This technique has worked before, so it appears to be further evidence that Obama will be the next President.

Shay Addams
10 Iq/Ik (Wind) September 2012
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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