2012 Presidential Election Predictions Based on Authentic Mayan Astrology: Romney, Gingrich, Ron Paul

Mayan Calendar Astrology Predicts 2012 USA Presidential Election: The Republicans

Romney and Gingrich Astrology 2012

This article, part of a series, examines the Mayan day signs of Gingrich, Romney, Paul and Santorum in the race for the Republican candidate in 2012. Using Mayan astrology, it makes predictions on their prospects for winning the GOP nomination and tells would make the most effective President.

As with the Democrats, these predictions are based solely on the politician's Mayan day signs and composite signs and do not consider experience, platform. politics or any other factors. (For Shay Addams' look at the potential Democratic candidates, see his blog at Republican Primaries and Mayan Astrology 2012 .)

Newt Gingrich

3 Dog (Tzi/Oc), Gingrich's main sign, is in effect all his life. Dog means authority, guidance and counsel. Dogs makes trustworthy and capable leaders. (Hillary Clinton's Future day sign, now in effect, is 4 Dog.) But Dog is not as strong a fighter as Jaguar, Romney's sign.

newt gingrich mayan day sign 2012 president

However, Dog is also the most lustful of all nahuales, which can be its downfall. The low coefficient of 3 says the energy is just gaining momentum, so his Dog traits are more introverted than extroverted and are not likely to get out of control.

Gingrich's Future day sign, 11 Knife, has been a steadily increasing influence since the age of 52. 11 Knife is a troublesome day sign. 11 can mean chaos and trouble, and Knife means suffering, sacrifice, loss and healing. A President who is 11 Knife could easily embroil the United States in major problems. But if the intense powers of 11 Knife are handled properly, he could heal the nation. Given his track record, this seems unlikely.

Mitt Romney, Jr.

A 2 Jaguar (Ix/Ix), Romney is a powerful fighter who won't back down and will fight dirty. The jaguar likes attack from the shadows rather than confront its enemy or prey.

mitt romney mayan day sign 2012 president

Jaguar's key meanings are feminine energy, strength and vitality. His coefficient of 2 is only one less than the coefficient of Romney (3), so from this perspective it is a balanced fight.

Romney's Future, 10 Wind, means he could breathe life into the nation. Wind may also mean imagination and bad news. The 10 is a strong number that, if the energy is not managed well, could lead to problems.

Ron Paul

Though he was not seriously considered as a candidate until late December, 2011, Ron Paul must also be considered as either a Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidates.

Ron Paul's Mayan day sign is 5 Road (E/Eb). His coefficient, 5, is the highest of the three. Road means travel, guidance, authority and destiny. Its authority aspect is linked to Dog, a sign of authority and guidance that is displayed when the dog walks ahead along the road to look for dangers.

Paul's 5 Road is a powerful day sign compared to those of Romney and Gingrich, indicating he has a good chance of winning the nomination. 5 Road's association with destiny also says Paul would make an effective President.

Another intriguing thing about Paul's day sign is that is the same exact sign as that of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. (This observation added January 14, 2012—13 Knife.)

Ric Santorum

A candidate who may well wind up on the ticket as Vice President, Santorum is 10 Monkey (B'atz/Chuen). The 10 makes him a strong contender, but Monkeys—while creative and fun —do not make the most effective leaders.

His future day sign is 5 Storm (Kawoq/Cauac). In a political context, Storm means problems or trouble. This influence came into play around 2010.

USA-Candidates' Composite Charts

Following Kenneth Johnson's suggestion to analyze the composite chart for each candidate by combining their Mayan day signs with that of the United States (9 Corn), leads to:

Gingrich/USA: 12 Night
Romney/USA: 11 Deer
Paul/USA: 1 Snake
Santorum/USA: 6 Net

Two are powerful coefficients, so the energy of the nahuales could easily get out of control. (It is worth nothing that both George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden were 13 Snake.) Paul's sign is far less intense but less likely to get out of control.

Gingrich/USA: Night means darkness, dawn and the ability to find answers by looking within. It indicates that Gingrich could be a strong leader who relies on intuition more than logic. The 12 is an intense number that could lead to things going over the edge.

Romney/USA: 11 Deer, Deer says he could bring balance and support to the USA and would be ready to work with other politicians and other countries to do so. But once again, the coefficient 11 hints at potential trouble.

Paul/USA: 1 Snake says that Ron Paul could lead the USA in a quest for truth and justice. The 1 indicates a new start.

Santorum/USA: 6 Net makes the combination of Santorum and the USA a well-balanced one that can lead to new allies and better international relations for the country. Net people are fiery individuals who can use or misuse the law.

Gingrich or Romney? Who Has the Best Chance of Winning the 2012 Republican Nomination?

If it comes down to Romney and Gingrich, the question is, "Which would you bet on if a jaguar were fighting a dog?" The jaguar,, which means Romney has the best chance of winning the nomination. However, his coefficient of 11 could lead to trouble for Romney in 2012, according to Mayan astrology.

Their Action nahuales show how they would most effectively approach their actions as President as well as campaigning for the Republicans' choice of candidate.

Gingrich's 10 Net says he would do well to form groups and allies, which is one of his skills. Romney's 9 Seed (called Rabbit outside of Guatemala) indicates he should plant seeds, or take a fresh approach in his campaign and as President if he wins.

But if it comes down to Romney and Paul, or Jaguar versus Road, which is more likely to win the nomination? It still looks like Jaguar has the upper hand in this match. As of January 3, 2012, the most effective Republican ticket is Romney for President and Santorum for Vice President.

Who would Be the Best President?

Based solely on their main day signs, Ron Paul. 5 Road says it all. The path, destiny.

Newt Gingrich is 3 Dog, giving him and the ability to guide and provide counsel. This outperforms Romney's 2 Jaguar performance in the White House. But when their Future signs, already in effect for both men, are considered, Gingrich's 11 Knife makes him the worst possible President, one that could lead the country into total disaster.

Ron Paul's Future day sign is 13 Sun. Sun's key meanings are day and ruler. It is a sign of the Mayan Priest King, and 13 is the highest coefficient in the Sacred Calendar. Paul would, according to the Maya calendar day signs, make the best possible President of all.


Romney is most likely to win the Republican nomination to run for President. But Ron Paul and Santorum are moving up fast. We'll know more after the first Republican caucus and primary.

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10 Wind (Ik/Ik) 2011

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