Mayan Calendar Astrology Predicts 2012 Republican Primaries
and GOP Caucuses

Predicting the Republican Primaries

Shay Addams' first prediction about the Republican primaries was posted on his blog at Mayan Calendar Portal on January 9, one day before the New Hampshire GOP primary.

It was based solely on the candidate's Mayan day signs and composite signs and did not consider experience, platform. politics or any other factors.



Romney in the New Hampshire Primary

Addams said, "January 10 will see the New Hampshire Republican Primary – tomorrow. Romney should get a decisive boost because the Mayan day sign for January 10 is 9 Jaguar (Ix), and Romney's main day sign is 2 Jaguar."

Romney got 39% of the vote, which clearly gave him a "decisive boost."



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Mayan Prophecies and Predictions

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