Mayan Calendar Astrology Predicts 2012 Republican Primaries and GOP Caucuses


Shay Addams' first prediction about the Republican primaries was posted on his blog at Mayan Calendar Portal on January 9, one day before the New Hampshire GOP primary. It was based solely on the candidate's Mayan day signs and composite signs and did not consider experience, platform. politics or any other factors.

He said, "January 10 will see the New Hampshire Republican Primary – tomorrow. Romney should get a decisive boost because the Mayan day sign for January 10 is 9 Jaguar (Ix), and Romney's main day sign is 2 Jaguar."

Romney got 39% of the vote, which clearly gave him a "decisive boost."

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South Carolina Republican Primary: January 21, 2012

10 Eagle/January 11, 2012: This GOP primary falls on the Mayan day sign of 7 Snake (Kan/Chicchan). Snake means sudden and swift action, danger, power struggles. (13 Snake is the day sign of George W. Bush and Osama.) None of the candidates are Snake (at least none have Snake for their Mayan day sign), so no one will get the same kind of energy boost that Romney received in New Hampshire.

Addams' take on the South Carolina Republican Primary was posted on his blog on the day before the primary voting.

Future Articles in this Series

With less than a year to go before the 2012 election, the situation remains in flux, especially on the Republican side. This series will continue to follow it closely and provide further analysis on this site and on Shay Addams' blog (see first link in index below). Mayan day signs for the key caucuses, primaries and the Conventions will be analyzed, as well as other factors.

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