r Mayan Astrological Prediction: Paul Ryan in the 2012 Presidential Election

   Astrological Predictions: Paul Ryan and the 2012 Presidential Election Based on Authentic Mayan Astrology

Mayan Astrological Predictions: Paul Ryan and the 2012 Presidential Election

Paul Ryan's Mayan Day Sign

This astrological prediction about Paul Ryan, Romney's choice for Vice President in the 2012 Presidential election, is based solely on Mayan astrology. Paul Ryan's Mayan day sign is 2 Corn (Aq/Ben). This nahual signifies surging energy, success and a good harvest.

ryan,ryan,astrological predictions,astrological predictionA sign of authority, Corn is also Obama’s nahual. Corn natives make natural leaders. They are conservative and fight for their beliefs. Corn people are lucky and good with money. Inflexibility is their key drawback.

The low coefficient of 2 reduces the strength of Corn. 2 is associated with duality and, therefore, relationships.

His Action nahual is 9 Deer, which brings balance and support to his actions and to the campaign. Ryan's nahual of feeling is 8 Storm, indicating either problems with relationships, or the influence of a strong woman and an emphasis on domestic life.

Paul Ryan: Vice President Prediction

So Paul Ryan brings fresh, surging energy and balance to Romney's campaign. Ryan also provides creativity and luck. From the perspective of Mayan astrology, he is a very good choice for the Republican ticket.

Composite Chart of Ryan and Romney

When Ryan’s 2 Corn is combined with Romney’s 2 Jaguar, their composite day sign is 4 Deer. 4 Deer is how these two appear to others as a partnership.This is a sign of authority and masculinity, of balance and support. It means they can work well together as a team.

The coefficient 4 means balance, as a table has four legs. It also is associated with the two sets of Hero Twins, the four stations of the sun, the four cardinal directions and various aspects of Mayan cosmovision.  

But their composite Action nahual, 11 Crocodile, rings an alarm: the potential for instability, key meaning of the nahual. 11 can bring life challenges and even chaos. It is a far higher number than 4, and diminishes the balance brought by Deer unless Romney and Ryan are aware of this potential and prepare for it.

On the Feelings side, 10 Corn brings positive energy and lots of it to their relationship. If properly channeled, this could offset the possible negativity of 11 Crocodile. Corn, which is Ryan’s nahual, on the Feelings side of their composite sign, says he should be in control of the relationship. This could be a source of conflict between the two.

Note that two of Ryan's nahuales, Corn and Deer, appear in the composite chart. This gives him extra influence over the relationship. He would not be a "back seat" Vice President.

Ryan and Romney: Astrological Prediction for Presidential Election in 2012

Because Deer is the most masculine of the nahuales, the Romney-Ryan ticket will appeal to women voters. If they can deal with the negative potential of 11 Crocodile as their Action nahual, they could go on to achieve the success implied by their Future nahual, 12 Eagle. Eagle is not only ambitious and aggressive, but 12 is an intense number that can make their future a strong one.

In Shay Addams' next article in this series, he will compare the composite charts of Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan before predicting the winner.

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