<News Releases: Mayan Calendar Astrology Predicts Obama to Beat Romney in 2012 Presidential Election

Mayan Astrology Predicts Obama to Win Presidential Election



Astrological Predictions by Shay Addams: Obama to Defeat Romney


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - September 13, 2012

Based on authentic Mayan astrology, Shay Addams now predicts that Barak Obama will win the 2012 USA Presidential Election.

According to Addams, author of Mayan Calendar Users Guide, “Employing rare astrological techniques of the Maya in Guatemala, I ran 11 tests to look for patterns.”



Obama and USA Have Same Mayan Day Sign

This is only one of many indicators that Obama will defeat Romney. See Obama Predicted to Win by Mayan Astrology for details. Links to more of Shay Addams’ Mayan astrological predictions about the 2012 Presidential elections are listed at the bottom of that page.


About Shay Addams

Shay Addams has studied the Maya calendar and astrology since 1963 and continues his work among the living Maya of Guatemala. See his Online Press Room for more information.



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