The Rogue Shaman: Ghadafi Will Fall or—Die—in June, 2011


"It is very likely that we will see the resolution of the Ghadafi situation in Libya between June 8 and June 21," The Rogue Shaman explained to Shay Addams in an exclusive interview on June 6 at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. "If he does not go, or peace is not achieved, at least the wheels will be set in motion."

The Rogue Shaman based this on his previous prediction—which appearted in print in a Guatemala magazine in several weeks before Spring Equinox. He had said that because Spring Equinox fell on 12 Knife, we would see a springtime filled with more catastrophes and major world problems. "Knife means pain, suffering and loss. 12 is a powerful number," he elaborated.

It turned out that the first day of Spring was the day that jets from the USA and UK attacked Libyan forces, and later that same day, Ghadafi promised them "...a long war." (Also during spring, Japan as struck by a 9.0 earthquake, a giant tsunami and a multiple nuclear disaster.) So while The Rogue Shaman did not specify that the NATO attacks on Libya would expand into a lengthy war, his words clearly paint that very picture.


The Fall—or Death—of Ghadafi

Now The Rogue Shaman says that Ghadafi is on the way out because "The final trecena, or 13-day week, of spring begins on 1 Tijax, or Knife, making this period heavily influenced by the same forces that led to the war." Summer Solstice on June 21 marks the end of spring, therefore the resolution of the situation that accelerated so dramatically on the first day of Spring Equinox.

He Points Out Specific Dates to Watch For

June 8: This is 1 Tijax, the first day of the last trecena of spring.



June 11: 4 Imox, or Crocodile. "Ghadafi could even die on this date, because a little-known method of predicting a person's death indicates that he is most likely to die on a Crocodile day." Furthermore, Imox is linked to world-shaking events, such as 9/11 (6 Imox) and the date Mubarak fled Eqypt (1 Crocodile).

June 15: 8 Snake is important, because Ghadafi is a Snake. So is Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, which suggests that if Ghadafi dies on this date, UK forces will be involved. Also, this is the date of a total lunar eclipse, which in Western astrology can mean loss, as does Tijax, the current trecena.

June 20/21: The last day of spring falls on 13 Dog, a day of authority and reckoning. 13 is the most intense number of the Sacred Calendar. The 21st is the beginning of a new trecena as well as the first day of summer.


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