Corrections and Revisions for The Mayan Calendar User's Guide


The print edition and first edition of the Ebook, The Mayan Calendar Users Guide, contain several minor errors or omissions. These are addressed on this page.

Revisions: The Mayan Calendar User's Guide

age 17: The last line should read: "in 1359, not 1358"

Page 73: Bob Dylan's Mayan day sign is 3 Vulture.

Page 73: In the Things to Do on an Earth Day section, the next to last line should read: "Logic will prove more effective than meditation and reflection."



Page 145: Appendix A, Finding a Mayan Day Sign

While this system works, it is quite possible to make an error in using it. A common one is to not add "1" to the year number when it is leap year, indicated by the asterisk.

Another is in looking up the result in the table on page 89, When doing so, use the far left column if the result is 1-20. For example, if the result is 1, then the day sign is 1 Crocodile; if it is 20, the sign is 20 Sun.

If the number is 21, then use the top number in the next column, the one with "20" above it.


Add the number to the far left, in this case 1, and get the day sign 8 Crocodile. In other words, the numbers at the top (20, 40, etc.) do not reflect the day sign directly below them. It is advised that the resulting day sign be double-checked with the tables at Kahuula.

Page 135: The 52-year Calendar Round is not defined by multiplying the number of days in the Sacred Calendar by the number of days in the solar calendar. It consists of 18,980 days, the number of possible combinatins of dates in these calendars (such as 1 Wind 1 Pop) before it recycles.


Researched and written in Guatemala, The Mayan Calendar User's Guide reveals astrological techniques and secrets never before published in the English language.

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