2012 USA Presidential Election: Obama Will Gain Strength in February, 2012

According to Mayan astrology, Obama celebrates his Mayan birthday, 9 Corn (Aj/Men), on February 18. This is the central day sign in a month-long cycle of nine ceremonial days called the Path of the Plumed Serpent. They can be seen in Obama's Mayan astrological chart, which is shown below.

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Obama and Mayan Astrology 2012

Most people experience a major energy boost during this series of ceremonial days. If this occurs with Obama, it could lead to a surge in the polls for the 2012 Presidential election. Or it might yield other benefits for him, such as an increase in contributions for his 2012 campaign.

One way or another, his chances of winning in 2012 will be improved (though whatever occurs, of course, may not immediately be disclosed to the public). It could even mean something negative happens with the Republican campaign that benefits him in a big way.

The effect will be less intense than if Obama practiced Mayan astrology and performed the appropriate ceremony on each of the nine days in the Path of the Plumed Serpent.

Obama's next Path of the Plumed Serpent begins on February 4 and ends on March 3. The dates are listed below. The "path" can be seen in Obama's chart by following this sequence.

8 Storm: February 4
1 Snake: February 10
3 Deer: February 12
7 Monkey: February 16
9 Corn: February 18
11 Eagle: February 20 Close Approach Asteroid
2 Storm: February 24
4 Crocodile: February 26
10 Deer: March 3

Shay Addams
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
12 Dog (Tzi/Oc), January 2012


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