Mayan Calendar Astrology Predicts 2012 USA Presidential Election: The Democrats

This series of articles uses Mayan astrology to analyze the 2012 Presidential campaigns and election. Techniques that until recently have been rarely used outside Guatemala will show which candidates and tickets have the best chance of winning, and which would do the best job in the White House.

The first installment, which looks at the main Mayan day signs of Obama, Hillary Clinton and Biden, as well as other Mayan astrological considerations, can be found on my blog at Their charts appear on this page.

Barak Obama's Mayan Day Sign

His main Mayan day sign is 9 Corn (Aj/Ben). Corn means authority, harvest, success. The United States has the same day sign, which suggests that their destinies are linked and gives him an advantage in the 2012 Presidential election. This is his chart:

mayan day sign obama

For a prediction about Obama's campaign for February, 2012, see: Obama To Gain Strength in February, 2012


Hillary Clinton's Mayan Day Sign

She is 12 Wind (Iq/Ik), which means breath of life and imagination.

mayan day sign hillary clinton


Joe Biden's Mayan Day Sign

Biden is 3 Crocodile (Imox/Imix), which means instability, turbulence and nourishing.

mayan day sign joe biden

For an analysis of these charts and what they indicate in reference to the 2012 Presidential election, see first link in the index below.

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Index of Other Articles in this Series

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Potential Republican Candidates (Analysis of the Mayan day signs of Gingrich, Romney and others)

The Republican Primaries (Analysis and Predictions Based on Mayan Day sign of each primary and caucus.)

The South Carolina Republican Primary (Posted on Shay's blog the day before the primary)

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